Making an Appointment

To make an appointment:

  1. select Schedule Online from the Appointments drop down menu, or
  2. call 302-344-7333 to speak with Lauren Mund, L Ac.

Currently, Blue Heron Acupuncture & Herbs is offering:

  • Private acupuncture sessions that can include additional techniques like acupressure, electrostimulation, cupping, gua sha, and moxabustion (1 hr),
  • Private Chinese herbal consultations (initial 1 hr, follow-up 1/2 hr),
  • Acupuncture in a semi-private setting (35 mins) where multiple clients receive treatment at the same time (no additional techniques available during semi-private hours),

If you are a new acupuncture client, you will need to schedule a private initial 1.5 hr appointment. Please call or text: 302-344-7333 to schedule an initial appointment. Initial private acupuncture and Chinese herbal appointments include going over your health history, answering any questions you might have, and an initial exam. Chinese herbal consultations initial and follow-up are always private.

Please bring in a list of any medications or supplements you are currently taking including name and dosage to your initial appointment.

You can download and print the forms in advance or fill them out at your first appointment.


Cost & Duration of Appointments

Costs for acupuncture depend on the number of sets of acupuncture needles used and whether electrostimulation and/or any other techniques are used.

  • Initial exam without acupuncture (1hr) $100
  • Initial exam with acupuncture (1.5hrs) $140
  • Initial herbal consult (1 hr) $100
  • Private acupuncture (1 hr) $80 or more
  • Semi-private acupuncture (35mins) $40
  • Follow-up herbal consultation (1/2 hr) $50

You can pay with cash, check or Mastercard or Visa. If your health insurance covers acupuncture we are happy to take it. If you don’t know whether you are covered, we can take your information and find out before scheduling an appointment. If you need to discuss payment plan options, please mention it when you schedule your appointment.