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Here are some links to some presentations and papers I developed that describe traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture. The links are to PDFs and I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Feel free to use the Contact form if you have questions or comments or would like to suggest an addition to this Resource page. Please note that what I choose to add is at my discretion. Thank you for your input.

Title Description
Introduction to Acupuncture a brief 1 pg description of acupuncture and how it works and answers to frequently asked questions


Introducing TCM and Acupuncture a slide presentation that discusses the different Eastern & Western worldviews, provides an introduction to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and includes some self-care acupressure tips for enhancing immunity and reducing stress


Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine a more in-depth paper on TCM




Here are links to information that you may find helpful in coping with the current Covid19 pandemic:

Title Description
Delaware state government information about Covid19 specific to Delaware


Centers for Disease Control & Prevention information about Covid19 specific to the United States of America


World Health Organization information about Covid19 world-wide


UCLA Center for East-West Medicine resource for acupressure self-care tips


Community Coherence Project a daily 7:30am meditation offering by Dr. Krista Griffin


Lewes Public LIbrary


CAMP Rehoboth Community Center

public & non-profit organizations local to the Lewes-Rehoboth beach area offering free virtual classes


Andrew Sterman food blog  

Andrew Sterman is author of the book Welcoming Food, which is available from Golden Flower Chinese Herbs Just to make you smile- Lean on Me



Here are links to qi gong (which means energy cultivation) resources:

Link Description An interview by my qi gong instructor, Daisy Lee Daisy Lee’s Facebook page A lovely introduction to qi gong for beginners from the Yoqi Yoga & Qi Gong channel on YouTube Part 1 of David Dorian Ross’s version of the 8 Pieces of Brocade that he calls AM Chi– one of my favorites and another great way to start your day Part 2 of the David Dorian Ross’s AM Chi In Dr Uday Jani’s video library is a video of me doing my morning wake up qi routine based on Daisy’s shaking & cupping routine. It’s simple, brief and something you can do before any other exercise routine or just to start your day right and get ‘your juices flowing’



Here are the herbal companies who products I use:

Company Name Website URL
Golden Flower Chinese Herbs
Classical Pearls