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Lauren Mund, Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM), L Ac., C.SMA®

My name is Lauren Mund, Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM), L Ac., C.SMA® I originally began practicing acupuncture in NY in 2009 after graduating from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Gainesville, FL. I am a licensed acupuncturist (L Ac) in Delaware and NY and am a NCCAOM certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine. I practice various styles of acupuncture including Five Element (study with Thea Elijah, L.Ac.), Balance Method (workshops with Dr Tan) and Master Tung (via Robert Chu, Phd, L. Ac., QME), and auricular acupuncture (study with Terry Oleson, PhD), Korean Hand Therapy (study with with Dan Lobash, PhD), certified in Sports Medicine Acupuncture®  developed by Matt Callison, LAc, and am Level I certified in neuro-acupuncture for acute and chronic central nervous system disorders with the Neuro-Acupuncture Institute. I use whatever style or combination of styles best suit the individual at the time of treatment. I specialize in traditional Chinese medicine and use Chinese herbal remedies when appropriate.

Previous to becoming an acupuncturist, I was a massage therapist for many years. As a result, I have a great deal of experience working with musculoskeletal issues and pain management for people with chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. I often offer body work like acupressure or gua sha (body scraping) and make suggestions and referrals for therapeutic exercises like yoga asana or qi gong as part of my treatment.

In my experience, stress reduction plays a significant role in helping to manage pain in the long-run as well as find a path to ever greater levels of well being. Therefore, I tailor my acupuncture treatment planning to include points that help each client reduce anxiety and find more positive ways of being. Each acupuncture point works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of a person. I consider all these aspects when I practice.

Also as a women in her early 50s, I have personally spent time exploring using Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbs) to manage metabolic, hormonal, and physical changes to help myself and my clients age gracefully.

In private acupuncture sessions I have the time to incorporate additional techniques such as electrostimulation of the needles (electro-acupuncture), activation of the acupuncture points using tuning forks, and acupressure/trigger point therapy, moxabustion (burning mugwort over acupuncture points), gua sha, and auricular (ear) acupuncture. Your initial visit for acupuncture (1.5 hrs) is private so we have time to go over your health history, complete an initial exam and you receive an acupuncture treatment. After your first visit you can chose whether you prefer private or group (also called semi-private) acupuncture sessions. Semi-private acupuncture sessions are 35 minutes and only include ear or body acupuncture with no electrostimulation. Several people are in one room receiving acupuncture at the same time. If space is available you can stay longer.

Chinese herbal consultations are always private. After a 1 hour initial consultation, follow-up sessions are a half hour. Please bring a list of any medications and supplements you are taking with you for your initial herbal consult. You can combine the herbs with acupuncture or only do herbs.